T.R Lips™ is a technique founded and developed by TR Aesthetics 

to give you optimal shape, fullness and structure. 

T.R Lips™ is a perfected and trusted lip filler technique.

In simple terms it is a technique that keeps the lips flat like the Russian technique, but with added lip volume and no lumps like most other techniques.

The reason I decided to make my own trademark technique is simple. I want to master the art of the lips, I wanted to offer a look to my clients that would tick all the boxes and to show them something they've never seen before with other practitioners. 

From months of research we found that no one has used these techniques in the way we do, nor has anyone even trialed this technique other than us. 

Although standard lip techniques are great and create beautiful results, at TR Aesthetics we want to be recognisable for our studies and our work.